The Creative Path


Connecting to our creative human nature, the workshop is nothing about the creation of a art piece. It's aim is the connection to the path rather than the result. It's an experiential learning of how we channel our inner world with the collective world. It is divided in 4 steps including a mediation for each step. We use water painting as a tool to express our creativity. No previous experience with water painting is required. At the end of the workshop, each has the space to share their insightful experience and the facilitator shares a deeper insight about the aim of the experiential learning. 


This workshop may be a self exploration experience but it is as well a space to simply be and disconnect from the mind. Connecting to the present moment and exploring colours and shapes. No techniques are required, it's a moment to play around through exploration of one selves with the self expressive path. Taking the time to enjoy each moment. 


The only requirement necessary to join The Creative Path workshop is an open mind and desire to explore your creativity. All material is included. No previous artistic experience is needed. It is not an art course, but rather an exploration of one's creativity. We are all creative beings, bring yourself and love ones you would like to share the experience with. 


  1. Participant would be able to identify their creative actions.

  2. Participants will be able to identify which of their daily actions comes from a sense of creation or a sense of reaction.

  3. Participants will understand the importance of creation and will feel more confident using it in their daily life.

  4. Participants will be more aware of the society’s influence within their creative time.

  5. Participants will unlearn certain artistic concepts.

  6. Participant will develop a sense of mindfulness through their creative time.


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