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Hi there! I'm Laurence a world traveller, creative thinker and entrepreneur. Having travelled over 25 countries, I've discovered new ways of thinking and living, immersed into various cultural belief systems, been inspired by social innovations, international entrepreneurs. All of which has influenced who I am today.

Lots of projects, lots of bad ass people, lots of impact making and action taking!

Throughout my travelling years, learning by experience has been my main tool for growth. Re-discovering how to learn, being resourceful and connecting to the right people has led to the creation of various projects. After raising around half a million dollars for a charity in Australia within the professional fundraising field, followed by helping the development of 3 local NGO’s in Africa, I've settled 2 years at Rosemary Dream empowerment centre in Florianopolis, Brazil. Understanding that all changes we want to see in the world start with inner belief led me to the personal development path. My journey continued with the exploration of various projects in Brazil aligned with self explorative path and impact making development. 

Explore, discover, experience and live.

I began my personal growth journey with the guidance of professional life coaches and a 1 month personal empowerment program. My personal growth journey continued with the connection to indigenous medicine of the amazonian rainforest.  Connecting closer to the wisdom of the forest and ancestral ceremonies I moved to the mountains and lived in the open jungle for over a year! Diving deeper, I lived and worked 2 months in a meditation center where I took a leap for a tantra training led by some of our world's most renowned tantra facilitators to explored vulnerability and the art of presence in depth.

Through these years of self learning, I developed my first project Riseglobe, a Real Innovative Social Education. A year of intense professional growth and international networking. A year later, I joined the team of Rosemary Dream as business developer and sales manager. Restructuring the revenue team and creating/optimising sources of revenues in order to create a sustainable social business allowing Rosemary to concentrate its energy on its vision and mission. After Rosemary, a path of business consultancy naturally came across. With the rising need of heart orientated businesses and gifted people to increase their visibility, create an image reflecting the essence oand organise the business structure of their work. 

Share your gifts

Within this time, I had the opportunity to give back through the development of creative workshops and as a facilitator on the 1 month life-changing program Heart Attack. I facilitated various workshops: The power of the Heart, Self Love Workshop, An Intro to Creativity, Ecstatic Dance, The Art of Being and more.  A passion for creating opportunities of self exploration grew during this time and deep dive in self exploration initiated.


Personal journey

Living a life through values


The heart and success of growth. Why go through a lifetime journey of growth if it's to keep all of our experiences to ourselves?  Giving to the world is giving to yourself. Abundance is created by the power of giving, letting the energy flow. 


We are all creative beings by nature. Each of of us is unique, but how do we channel our unique inner world within the collective world? Opening different channels to express our authentic selves and connecting with others' in the purest way - through creativity. 


Taking a deep breath and being grateful for what Is. Life passes us by and it's beauty is marked by our appreciation of each moment. Focusing on gratefulness, you learn to love your past and surrender to the future.


The way to a more aligned life. When who you are, what you believe and your actions become one. Keeping what is true to yourself as a guidance through your everyday life. 


Connecting to nature, your nature, you realise that the source is simple but often not easy. Most answers can be discovered within this simplicity. What might seem complex actually all comes to a simple source and clarity can be found when connecting to this source.


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The Crazier,

The Better

Going out into the world fearlessly to explore and experience. Saying YES to life. When you open to opportunities and experiences everything becomes a flow of adventures. Here is a little story about a short adventure which turned to 4 years experience. 

Leaving my home country with no more than 6000$ in my bank account with the idea of coming back to Canada when the account will be a 0$... Here I am 4 years later in Brazil! Through a month living in a container in the Malaysian jungle building a bamboo ecolodge, 3 months working in the #1 hostel of Koh Phagan in Thailand celebrating the cycles of the moon, 10 months of professional fundraising, team leading and field management for an Australian fundraising company, 1 month on a desert island of Kenya helping through the development of an ecolodge, 1 month of marketing management for a local NGO in rural Uganda, 1 month of project development and management for a local community in Zanzibar, Tanzania, 1 month of house construction on a Colombian island by the Caribbean sea and and infinite amounts of adventures, discoveries, character building and life-changing experiences across the globe. All of it led to Rosemary Dream centre located in Brazil and the development of business opportunities. The path keeps on with getting my hand back in the dirt at Ayni escola helping with bio construction and permaculture. To continue with a 2 month intensive brand consultancy for Osheanic International and 3 daily active meditations in its beautiful Buddha Hall.  

Saying yes to opportunities. 

Saying yes to growth experiences.

Saying yes to connections. 

Saying yes to a life of creation.


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