Ecstatic Dance


Allowing yourself to freely move. Ecstatic dance originate from human's dancing nature. It is a space free of judgement and expectation for you to connect to your truest self and express this truth through movement. An exploration of one's self through an insightful experience led by the body. Quieting the mind for a moment and connecting to the present moment. 


'Just dance and Be and dance, again'. Being my mantra for the last years, this journey is no exception. Journey between deep self connection and light spirit of life. Surrendering to what Is, enjoy the moment and fill yourself of bliss. 


An open mind, really, that is it. Come we comfortable clothes to move around and let the music guide you. No experience is needed, no talent is required, simply you. 


  1. Explore free body movement

  2. Connect to ones body 

  3. Self knowledge journey through conscious dancing

  4. Connect with like minded people

  5. Experience living through the present moment


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Up to 15 people

Extra 10$ per extra person

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