The Art of Being


The Art of Being is a workshop using creativity as a tool for a concept much deeper which is to Be. A concept that we have forgotten in our hectic lifestyle but in which is the fundamentals to everything. When our mind spins around and we believe their is 100 things more important to do than to stop  and not do, it is when the art of being is crucial. This moment of stopping, quieting down our mind allows us to access clarity and connect to an insightful simplicity. Through the drawing of a mandala you will connect to the present moment express without any deeper thought yourself. 


The only requirement necessary to join The Art of Being is the willingness to value the importance of simply Being for this experimental time.  You might find yourself falling in love with this art and incorporate it in your daily life! 


  1. Participant would be able to identify the value of Being.

  2. Participants will be able to connect to the moment and gain tools to quiet the mind for a moment. 

  3. Participants will surrender to the moment without seeking something more than what Is. 

  4. Participants access tools to bring the art of mandala drawing back home.

  5. Participants will experience art without attaching to the result.

  6. Participant will develop a sense of mindfulness through their creative time.


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