An intro to creativity

Creative expression is the process of making our thoughts or feelings known. It is the bridge of our inner universe with the outer universe in which we are all connected


Over the last 2000 years free creative expression has been limited by society. Although free creative movement is part of human nature, we have repressed it through norms formed during the rise of religious and political conflicts.


We’ve standardised creative expression and limited its eternal possibilities within a set of expectations, norms, laws and fear of societal rejection. Although creativity is your door to express your authentic self and connect the world with your inner truth, it has been repressed by our current societal model.


Consequently our actions come from 2 places: A place of reaction and a place of creation. Reaction is when our actions are led by a constructed idea from the past, of what the outer world expects of us. Creation is when we express ourselves based on awareness and connection with our inner world. When actions are not attached to any thoughts or ideas of the past. In order to reach a state of free creative movement, we need to constantly connect ourselves to the present moment, notice societal influences, notice fear based actions and express ourselves through a place of love. Embracing change, we don’t hold on to the truth of yesterday and hold a space for others to evolve as well.  

The technique to connect to free creative expression is: Unlearn.

' A clever person learns something new every day. A wise person forgets something new everyday.' 

To explore creativity from the core of your authenticity we will first start by forgetting about everything we thought we know about it. There's now no such thing as a talented painter, a good voice, a natural dancer. Within free creative expression there is no result. It is all about how you feel as a whole in every brush you put on a paper, every movement your body does, every note that comes out of your mouth. The wholeness of the process will be the success of your result.

Imagine a state of being in which you can simply BE in complete harmony and authenticity with yourself. Discovering and experiencing your own mind, body and spirit through creative journeys. Accessing deep insights that may be brought back in your day to day life.

Free Creative Movement Workshops


Water Painting

Through a series of meditations and creative channelling explore the impact of your inner world whilst connecting to the outer world. Leave with experiential insights and a piece of art!



How does your body want to move? Go through a journey of self discovery through body movement. Move the energy and allow yourself a space free of judgement to simply be YOU. Express your truth through every movement.



When is the last time you did something without any purpose? Allowing yourself a time to rest and opening a space with no expectations except fully being present. Quiet down your inner voice, escape your hectic lifestyle to simple BE.



To explore creativity from the core of your authenticity we first start by forgetting everything we thought we knew about it. Your logical mind does not know about the power of your potential.


Through a series of exploratory activities discover what connects to you. Embracing the simplicity of life, find core answers.   


The creation process happens in a space free of judgement and expectation. Success comes through the path rather than the result.


Once your gift is discovered, the path towards your potential is planned and organised, you are ready to give back and create a life of abundance!



Julia G.

I joined on of Laurence’s Ecstatic Dance classes and felt a very quick and intensive shift in my energy - from an excessively mental and lethargic state I felt more and more vitalised, expressive, inspire and present throughout the session, and left with a high vibration in both my heart and body! Thank you for helping me express my being!

Through your first consultancy we will get to know each other and create together a first step towards free creative expression. Through this session you may choose if th...
Free Creative Movement Intro
1 hr

10 day connect to creativity challenge

Receive a new tool every day that you can implement into your daily routine in order to create healthy habits. Explore arts, writing, mindfulness, reflection and dance. 10 days to try something new or simply remember the power of simple creative habits. Give this time and space to yourself. Inspire friends and family to get in touch with their creative side to begin the journey towards their unique gift.

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