A Simple Heart

When your love is simple

No need more than a cuddle

To light up the flame of your inner candle

That splashes in your life as when jumping as a kid in a big muddy puddle

When your love is pure

Nothing existe no more in the future

Nothing is no more sure

But everything yet becomes the cure

When your love is light

Light is a feather swinging around like a kite

There is no more fight

For what has never been in your sight

Oh well, my simple heart, is not hard to find

All you need is to be kind

And let go a bit of your mind

To let your simple heart shine

Photo credit: julia gundlach

A simple heart sometimes seems to be quite too simple to be the answer of most of your problems. Yet, is there something more important than an awake inner candle? Believing we are alive in a dead routine world would seem to me deadly uninspiring. While the world around is growing, connecting, flying and diving, what are we doing? Do we at least see this world happening under our eyes or has our routine blind us to nature’s beauty.

A simple heart has much to teach us as our love is nothing else than simple. Complications are everything except love. Where are we if we are not in our simple heart? Where else would you want to be? In a simple heart, sadness exists but yet moves on. Anger exists, but yet moves on. Fear exists, but yet moves on. In a simple heart, nothing is permanent. The permanency of a reality is what complicates the simple heart. Simple heart being connected with nature’s being, it is in constant evolution with the present reality.

A simple heart has not much to say. The words are too complicated for a simple feeling. It simply feels. Say no more, say no less, it simply be. Big words are scary while small gestures are nourishing. While free a simple heart is striving, in a box does it shy away. Where does it go? Who takes place? A simple heart lives in a simple environment.

A simple heart moves forward with love as its guide. What other guide would you wish for? It is patient and has nowhere to go. It moves forward but yet nothing is awaiting ahead. It simply goes where Love is carrying as where a simple heart is, becomes good enough to feel fulfilled. His guide carrying him to nowhere, he ends up here. Where else than here do you want to be?

A simple heart connects with simple hearts. It knows nothing else but yet other hearts seem to run away as everything seems too simple. Simplicity is complicated for a complicated heart but yet simplicity is also a part of that heart. A complicated heart never runs solo, a simple heart may. A simple heart is not knowledgeable, what does it know then? It can barely express itself, why would we listen?

A simple heart is always there for you. As it goes nowhere, it’s quite easy to find but first you will have to stop going somewhere for that.

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