A year living in the jungle; an insightful journey!

Updated: May 19, 2019

Imagine waking up every morning with the sounds of the birds, opening your door (zipper in this case) and being in the dense jungle of Brazil. With fresh air and clean energy you become slowly one with nature or rather, you finally see and feel that you've always been one with nature. No time, no humans, no wifi. Completely disconnected but feeling truly connected.

It happened that during that year I've also gave up on my cellphone which meant for a year I had no alarm or access to time once waking up on my deck. My first awareness of time would be after a 5 minutes trek down the mountain at the main house of our community. Which also meant every morning waking up and checkin-in with my body to feel if it's ready to be awake. Trusting myself and connecting to the cycle of nature. The first birds start screaming at 6am. The second group of birds start screaming at 7:30. If you can’t hear any roosters shouting, this meant it must be late but still, who knows!

This detachment to time and inner trust that I would be awake for the 9am meeting was an incredible journey. Starting the day with an intuitive morning routine before connecting to the clock and rhythm of society. Waking up and asking myself the question: What do I feel like doing? Drawing, writing, dancing, meditating, running or all of the above.

I’ve created my own space by adding a carpet to the deck, building and painting a table, painting a few pieces of wood to decorate and bringing 4 boxes to use as drawers. It slowly started to look like a home. Adding candles, incense, precious items, it became a space of connection with myself. The simplicity but beauty of the space warmed my heart every single day.

Even though, with professional responsibility growing, a private room was offered to me… How could I leave the jungle? This was the magic of my experience! How many times in your life do you have the opportunity to live in the middle of the forest by yourself? Private rooms will always be available! The sacredness of the space was invaluable. Nothing can give you the magic feeling of the old forest.

Connecting to simplicity, this was the gift of my stay up in the mountain. Sleeping on a small mattress that lays on the floor of my tent and being content. You don’t need more than nature. Once there is no more walls between you and nature, you are filled by this simple source; your inner nature. It clears the fog and offers you a clear mirror of what is inside. By simply contemplating a leaf you can learn about your own cycles and gain clarity about who you are. Having this constant opportunity to connect simplicity brought lots of clarity within my personal life as well as my professional life. Lots of friends would be surprised: So Laurence, you live in a tent in the jungle with no phone and you are building an international business? How do you do that!?

The answer is in the question! I can’t have imagine my professional development without all the clarity I’ve gained from the forest. Taking away the distractions is seeing what is truly around and seeing opportunities within everything that comes.

This connection to the forest goes beyond anything education may offer. It fills your soul and spirit. Your growth synchronizes with natural cycles and it offers you the clearest mirror to look within for answers. Life is simple, the nature speaks up, not easy but yet simple. When you take away all the distractions that modern society has created, this simplicity is still there, it always has been… we simply need to raise our awareness to it. Through personal, professional and spiritual development nature will always remain this sacred space to access clarity.

If you are ever offered the opportunity to camp one year in the mountain… don’t hesitate and say YES! Some people call it crazy, I call it LIVING.

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