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Updated: May 7, 2019

After 2 years living in a commune and helping the development of it, you get to experience the essence of what is. It seems from outside a bit dreamy, a way to escape society… A place for hippies to gather! Well.. it almost is, until it’s not! The ideal of a community is a bit more complex. You don’t escape society, you actually live society in a much more intense way. Imagine having no personal space, no thinking only about one self. All your actions and moods influence the commune. Your relationships are intense and the rhythm of life is fast while the notion of time is being stopped.

It is as if you have this giant mirror in front of you ALL the time. And when this community is located in a paradise location, every challenges you face can’t be projected to the exterior setting. Everything you face is within and everyone around lights up what is within. Which means… You better get started on personal development! Without any inner balance, your emotional stability will be thrown around.

The first month you join this kind of life seems like a honeymoon phase. You believe this is it, you’ve found the treasure. Slowly time pass by, layers of the image you’ve built about yourself throughout your life gets shred down and you have nowhere to hide. Everything beautiful shines as everything dark gets highlighted. When I say dark, those things are usually wounds of the past. When these starts coming out, most people gets scared as they can’t live up to this optimal self image anymore. What happens? There is different path we can go down to…

The first one is simple: you run away! You run fast and far. You are not ready to deal with this and prefer to cultivate the beautiful side of yourself within the comfort zone. This is okay. Sometimes running away is the best thing to do. You’ll live a different experience which will build up your character and prepare you to face this side of yourself for the future. The second path is to project all of those insecurities and fears to the people of the community or the business itself but.. everything you feel and everything that bothers you resides within, the truth is painful sometimes. It’s not them, it’s you. Accepting this might throw you apart but it also might change your life forever as it sets you to take responsibility on your own feelings. This responsibility is hard and heavy but it inquire you to get out of the comfort zone, take action and change yourself. It is much easier to think the problem comes from outside, this way you can rest and feel good about yourself. This option is always interesting as it impact a bigger range of people. But once again, if the business and people have already faced themselves, they will be happy to support you throughout the process without taking anything personally. The third way is the hard way. You stick to the place and you go beyond these barriers. What is beyond? Do it and you’ll find out! It doesn’t mean you’ll live in a community forever but it does mean your whole relationship towards life will change forever.

After going beyond all of this cycle, you go through it again! This time you are simply a bit more aware and surrender faster to the process. And then, AGAIN! Life is infinite cycles of learning, forgetting and learning, of life/death/life. When you think you’ve got it; you’ve lost it! What is the teaching of 2 years living in a community?

Just Be… and dance… and Be, AGAIN!

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