Creating a sustainable business

That we speak about business or simply about life, chances of success is always higher when aligned with natural sustainability. In our days we often connect the word sustainability to the environment but the word itself goes way beyond. It is part of the Whole. It includes the environment, health, economics, emotional being, development, social, relationships and much more. Living a sustainable lifestyle is maintaining a balance life in every of its aspect. It's about closing cycles, letting the energy flow and releasing blockages.

How does creating a sustainable business looks like?

Imagine pursuing your passion, connecting to your purpose and your contribution while doing good for this world! This is possible! We often notice a societal limiting belief in which complete fulfillment isn't reachable; if you want to succeed in one area of your life you will have to compromise another. What if it wasn't true? What if you could create a feeling of abundance in every sphere of your life? When speaking about sustainable business, it means beyond the environment and economic perspective. It touches everyone involved within the organisation.

Steps to create your sustainable business:

1. Solid foundations

Let's start by grounding your idea with a solid base. Having clarity on the purpose, the Why of the organisation, will create a strong direction and sense of contribution for everyone involve. A solid purpose attracts the right people to your business and ease the communication while solving a lot of personal issues between people and as well the organisation. Designing core values will also align everyone together during decision making processes and will bring consistency within the organisation's direction.

2. Clear objectives

Once you have a defined purpose, develop clear objectives. What do you want from this business? What is your goal? With no clear goals your business will start spinning around. Although, do not connect an objective with success. The success happens along the way and is directly related with the well being of everyone involved in the process. Objectives are common direction which will unite people and give a sense of focus.

3. Analyse what already exist

No need to recreate the wheel. Understand what already existed and use this knowledge to evolve your business. Really, when you are completely transparent and put aside a bit of ego, why recreate a work that has already been done? If you want to create something completely new; AMAZING! If during this research/analysis time you realised there is something similar which has already been created... Learn from it! Evolve from it. Don't make the development of your business about you but rather the purpose. Within every step you do, always direct your decision making towards which way will best impact positively your purpose. Go towards this direction!

4. Map your business

Ground down everything within your knowledge, from current existing material, people, knowledge to possibilities, opportunities and financial needs. Design every cycles existing within your business and the solution to close each one of them in order to create abundance in the energy flow. Where does energy comes in and where does it go out? Is it sustainable?

5. Create a define plan of action

A realistic plan of action including the macro and the micro vision of your objectives with actions aligned with your purpose and values. Break down the development of your business into tangible tasks that your team or yourself may execute with confidence.

At least: TAKE ACTION!

It is so easy to keep dreaming all your life but, really, how many people act on these dreams? Be one of them! If not now when? What is the worst thing that can happen if you take the leap? What is the worst thing that may happen if you don't take the leap? When sitting on a rocking chair by the end of your life, what regret would you have? Don't keep all of these incredible ideas of your in your head... Having ideas is easy but having the courage to jump in the unknown following a calling from your heart is hard. Don't get me wrong, it is not easy to create the sustainable business of your dream.

Not because creating a business is hard but because having the self belief that your idea, your contribution, your authentic gift worth it. You are worthy. When facing the challenges of pursuing your dream, you are not facing the society, you are facing yourself. Do you believe in your power?

If yes, go out there and take action. If no, go out there and take action and maybe start with a personal development program until your no becomes a yes. A simple tip that may change your life because everyone has the potential to create!

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