Your journey to aliveness in 5 stages inspired by the dynamic meditation!

Updated: May 29, 2019

Through my personal development journey and a deep dive within, I naturally came across the question: What does being fully alive means? A deep search of the most fundamental questions about life led me to this permanent quest for aliveness and love. Down the path you realize that infinite answers exists for infinit questions about one’s self. That the truth includes most of these answers as the truth doesn’t stand one point of view or another… the truth simply is. It exist in the space between words rather the words itself. Your only guide therefore becomes your inner trust or intuition. There is no ultimate answer to one’s quest. At the moment you try to put ‘life meaning’ in a box, you’ve lost the core essence of it.

Consequently, the one thing I have left to trust is this inner flame that lights up and shine light upon me when I follow my heart. When I feel the most alive, this energy of pure life is what it is about. Instead of going for a quest of questions, I’ve changed direction for a quest of aliveness through every moment of Here and Now. And the question remaining is therefor; What does it mean to be fully alive? I feel part of the answer remains in one of the core tool Osho once created: the dynamic meditation.

The first stage would be to live a life off patterns. When you are off pattern, you are alert, you become a creator. As soon as you get back on the trails of patterns, you can go in the autopilot mode and may lose control of your creative power. Living a life of chao and feeling ok with living in uncertainty maintains you awake. It maintains the energy centered in your heart rather than your head. When you start the dynamic meditation, the most important stage is the breathing, the first phase. It is clearly specified that the breathing need to be as chaotic as possible in order to be effective. This chaos brings your energy attention from the head to the heart. As fast, as deep, as off patterned it may be, it will help you go through the other stages of the meditation.

The second stage is the catharsis. Holding a space for emotions to come out. Not repressing any emotions and truly letting them be felt. Accepting our emotions allows more space to feel, to truly feel. Isn’t being alive a feeling? Tearing off layers of your mask, of the personality you’ve built since childhood. During the Dynamic meditation, this stage can get quite crazy as it can be heart opening. Imagine how many years of repressed emotion is existing within! This stage is to let it all out. Within a safe environment of non-judgement, you let go. You let go of your thought of what sanity may seem like and express everything that within the day to day doesn’t fit in our society’s sane image. You may scream, laugh, cry, be angry, blissful or whatever you may feel. The most important about this stage is that you allow feelings to come out.

The third stage is going beyond your limitation in totality. Within all your being, you may reach high and you may keep going. When it feels to hard and you want to stop; you keep going. You reach your limitations and you are in totality in the present moment. Throughout life, these moment of totality from your whole being are important. There is time to rest and enjoy while there is time to push your limitations and feel every bit of your body. The goal of this stage during the dynamic is is release the energy of our base chakra through the mantra ‘ whoo’. Jumping with hand up during 10 minutes without stopping and shouting the mantra ‘whoo’ each time you hit the floor, this stage contains a great power of transformation. It allows energy from our base chakra to be release and therefor open space for energy to flow within. When it gets hard, you keep going.

The fourth stage is to become the observer. You bring your awareness within. No matter what is happening within or outside, no matter if some desires pops out or come incomfort, you stay still and observe. This moment of deep awareness is important to stay connected to the moment and your inner being. Becoming conscious of your inner atmosphere and observing thoughts passing by and going as waves inside the ocean. You are the ocean, your awareness is the ocean… your thoughts are the waves, this too shall pass. The fourth stage always has been the most challenging in my regards concerning the dynamic meditation. After jumping hand up for 10 minutes, you hear a voice yelling ‘STOP’ and you stop. You freeze in the exact position you were when the voice yelles. Which generally means, standing up with hand up in the sky. Being a challenging physical position to be and remain for 15 minutes freezed, this stage challenges your observer self. You are there and you Be and you observe what comes up while keeping your stillness. This stillness is the door to living within clarity. Only by connecting to your ‘Ocean’ self will you be able to clear the fog the the waves of emotions create and be connected to the outer world with a clear vision. In order to feel truly alive you need to see the world with a clear vision.

At last, you CELEBRATE! Life is about celebration! You dance and enjoy the moment. You let the dance own you and you flow with gratefulness of the present moment. To feel truly alive, you need to celebrate life as often as you may. Dancing liberates you from your mind. It is a channel toward your creative self. The Dynamic meditation ends with the celebration; the dance. Celebrating finishing the mediation and the start of the day!

A journey towards being truly alive in the here and now could therefore be inspired by Osho's famous dynamic meditation. Living a life off pattern, expressing and releasing emotions, being in totality through pushing our personal limitations, observing and bringing into awareness our inner world and celebrating! Living through these 5 step in our day to day will definitely move a lot within and connect you to the present moment.

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