Stillness within chaos

Rising sun, crashing waves

In a heartbeat I get amaze

Everything flows within an eye gaze

Beauty within earth and water

Where mud becomes the creator

Connecting with its natural power

Here we are, among all and nothing

We’ve discovered it is worth seeing

A wholeness inspiring living

Through silence, noise is created

Through peace war is fragmented

Through love we’ve fighted.

Be still, you might see the world’s movement

You might find yourself without a comment

You might fall without a consent

Photo credit: julia gundlach

Navigating the cycles of life, the small ones, the long ones, sometime lost in the middle of the spiral, may you take a breath and feel the stillness within. Being dragged in what we call living, may you stop and take a breath. When finding this peace within the space of two of these breaths and simply appreciating what is around you while surrendering to this constant movement.

Acknowledging this movement and find your way through the immersed moments inside it and the aware self observing it. One without the other would bring madness or boardness. The two together lights up the flame of living.

Living in an intense community, where cycles of life simply gets accelerated, you find once a while the space to acknowledge and appreciate these cycles while letting them go. What may see a permanent situation inside society’s ‘normal’ way of living becomes a flash of a moment. Time being deranged, you become aware of the impernancy of everything and learn to let go of it. Accepting and appreciating everything and everyone you encounter for this infinite present moment until it changes. And again.

Finding peace in this chaotic life or chaos in this peaceful life becomes the essence of living in totality. Where both can become one. Where you become one. Imagine the duality residing inside of you vanishing. The one telling you that it needs a stable home but as well a lifetime adventure. It needs community but also solitude and space. It needs complete acceptance of others but as well teachings from the world. It needs love but can’t move towards fears. All of it vanish. You feel peace towards chaos.

Not much is there to learn from this world as everything is quite really simple but at the same time, everything to be learned, or rather at least, everything is to be remembered. Remembering that you are nature, truth is what's left when words are gone and life is lived in the present.

Nature itself embodies this simplicity inside diversity. Infinite cycles, infinite outcomes, infinite connections. Pure air being the result for one to reconnect to oneself. All of nature sharing the same breath, the same rhythm.

Finding stillness in the middle of chaos is a daily practice.

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