The path to nowhere

Me, him, her and the world

We don't talk about you

We don’t talk about you because you happen when we don’t talk

Happening when we don’t think

How can we think we get you?

Chasing our own tale, we chase you

But you happen to be with us this whole time

Never we reach you in time

As time is what gets in the way of you and me

You happen to be when nothing is happening

When empty, you are left

You are the gap, there is no gap

You are the space, there is no space

You are in between me and him and her and the world

You are me, him, her and the world

You ain’t words

You ain’t beliefs

You are what’s left when they are gone

You are

We don’t talk about you

The one talking would lose itself if you come along

I can’t lose myself through you

Who would I be with you?

Nobody would I become with you

I can’t allow you in

I can’t lose myself

With you I become nobody

You are in between me and him and her and the world

You are me, him, her and the world

As nobody, may I set free

No more barriers between you and me

I become space, you are space

We are united

What does that mean?

Nothing, I am now nobody.

Through a personal journey, most of the path I aimed to go somewhere until I got lost to nowhere. What does that mean? As long as you go somewhere, you are not here. While going nowhere, the only thing left is you. It's this ick of a second where your sense of selves may dissolve and you may simply be.

Imagine existing without this judgement in your head constantly rumbling. This imaginary barrier stopping you to take the leap that would allow you to live in bliss. This pure release of the mask you've created and spent everyday feeding. No more need to justify, you can step in your truth and go out to the world. Your mind can't survive that state and the closer you get, the more clever your mind becomes. It can't allow you to simply be as in order to do so, the mind would need to die. We get to believe that we need the mind for survival but all this time, it's been the only thing between you and presence.

What is presence? You can't put into words presence, as it is what's left when all words are gone. The best way to describe presence is to describe what presence isn't. Presence is what's left when you stop trying. When no more words, no more efforts, no thoughts are left. Presence is found in the gap between two breaths.

The two last years were quite a journey. The first year was about discovery and growth. While the second year was about unlearning and creating from a space of no-mind. Within this journey I've had the chance to create Freeex Movement using this simple methodology of Unlearn, Connect, Create and Share. Bringing accessible the creative self to every single person. Accepting unconditionally every emotion as Energy in MOTION. (Thanks to the inspiration of the presence process)

Through self-exploration and 4 years of intense experiences and exposure to diverse currents of thoughts, I came to conclusion that everyone was right. Every belief or 'non-beliefs' people shared was right. After disagreeing with the world all my youth I came to agree with the whole of it. Now, as everyone is right, what of all these truths said out there serves me best for happiness? A wholesome do I have to pick from.

Instead of picking beliefs I picked guidance. I felt as following joy, aliveness and presence. (Using the world feeling is key in this case as it acknowledges a momentary state in constant change) Which I felt and feel at this moment would better serve to make life incredibly interesting. It's not anymore about what I do but has become about how I create from what I have.

Of all the choices we have in the world, what serves us best to joy?

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